Lum item brainstorming

Thread for people to suggest Lum items.

On Discord we talked a lot about Lum having a “card” item, but nobody could agree on what it did or how it worked.

I have an idea. First I’ll tell you how it works, then what it looks like.

It works like Dizzy’s spear move. You know, the one that goes up, then shoots at the opponent.

The card should rotate (The axis goes straight through the card back obv.) as it flies up, then shoot at the opponent like a Gambit card.

One idea that I threw out there Way Back When was basically just, imagine a little cloud that sort of floats up to the top of the screen and drifts around left and right, occasionally striking lightning that can hit either player (after saying this, I realized that I’d invented Sheep Man’s weapon from Mega Man 10).

I like the idea of a card that gets thrown out and then sort of goes up, like Rashid’s projectiles in SF5.

If he’s not already throwing some bamboo, that needs to happen.

A Zane crash bomb

A copy of his Ace from Yomi, and baby pandas shoot/fall out of it

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I thought of a triple card "fan"
3 cards shoot out in a fan, buy maybe don’t come down. A half decent anti air

I mean he’s already got a regular bomb

I remember one thing that came up in chat was the value of other characters’ stuff. Stuff like throwing paint (Valerie) that maybe makes the ground slippery so nobody can stop moving on one part of the ground, or maybe a rare powerup that makes a character (both?!) invisible based on Setsuki’s air super.

How about an item that puts a player into Midori-style Purple Mode (where you get a free throw if you get close enough)?

Since Lum is already in development, I suppose it’s too late too reply here?
I would love to see a Pandante reference. The golden panda coin? Or how about the gold fairy?


This would be perfect for texturing Lum’s coin toss! And the fact that Lum is already in development is hardly reason to stop yourself from offering ideas — the lightning cloud idea I came up with wound up being implemented in a later pre-Evo Patreon build (back when Lum was still available in his very placeholdery state). Ideas can’t hurt!


What about a bouncing ball? No damage, goes away on both block and hit, but on hit bounces the enemy allowing for a OTG followup.