Lum opponent Quickstanding after yomi counter


If you get a knockdown with lum, then yomi counter the opponent, the opponent will stand immediately instead of getting knocked down

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pick lum
  2. Knock down the opponent
    3)Have the opponent reversal throw and yomi counter them

Expected Results:
Get a knockdown

Actual Results:
They stand immediately

I’m pretty sure if its off any knockdown, but not 100%. I tested throw, sweep, and anti air ground B.

I tested in Wild west, bug still there


Game Version:
Live Steam and Wild West

For “Game Version” it’s best to list the actual version rather than “Live Steam and Wild West” because if we do several updates then look back at this, we won’t really know which version it was. Luckily the video shows version though: v0.12189

Good bug find, btw.

Thanks, that will be fixed in the next update.