Lum should be removed, he's a crutch for bad Setsuki mains

It is clear that developers looked at Setsuki and thought “Maybe we should add another Setsuki, but make her easier to play.”, then proceed to create Lum. Everything about Lum just screams “Setsuki, but easier and worse”. Here’s a rundown:

  • Lum is a gambler, which makes him easier to like and be like him IRL than a fast ninja girl like Setsuki. Crutch.
  • Lum can ride RNG to win. Setsuki has no RNG in her moveset, so she must rely on pure skill. Crutch.
  • Lum is bigger, but slower than Setsuki, making him easier to control. This is a trend that extends into a lot of his attacks. Crutch.
  • Both nAs are combo starters/extenders. Lum’s is bigger, but slower. Crutch.
  • Both fAs are far reaching attacks. Lum’s also bigger, but slower, but most importantly, he cannot even use it to combo, unlike Setsuki. Crutch.
  • Both jAs are aerial kicks. Lum’s is big and slow, Setsuki’s is fast, changes flight path and smaller. Both are combo starters. Crutch.
  • Lum’s bA lets him knock down his opponent. Exactly the same as Setsuki’s Starlight Tumbler, but that one has several different enders. Lum’s bA, as always, is bigger than Setsuki curled up into a ball. Crutch.
  • Lum’s ball, compared to Setsuki’s bA, is bigger and commonly used. Setsuki’s corresponding attack is seen much more rarely, because it’s so hard to use many players have no idea how to actually use it. Crutch.
  • Lum’s cartwheel is a bigger, but slower flying attack than Flying Fox. Both are combo starters, but Setsuki’s lets her dish out 4 damage combos, compared to Lum’s 3 dmg. Crutch.
  • Lum’s melons are a bigger version of Setsuki’s kunais. They also cannot be hit out of the air. You will never get a 5 dmg combo off of them, unlike off of kunais. Crutch.
  • Lum’s item toss is just a giant crutch, Setsuki needs way less toys to win. Crutch.
  • Lum’s item toss is a double crutch, it auto-picks the best option for you, while Starlight requires you to think for yourself. Crutch.
  • Same with his dice. Setsuki can do with a wooden log, but Lum needs not one, not two, but THREE dice! As crutchy as you can get.
  • And with his slot machine. Setsuki uses raw power of her little body, but Lum must pull out a giant machine to actually deal damage. Crutch, crutch, crutch.
  • Setsuki has a smaller throw range, but she can utilize her throw better because of her sheer speed, meanwhile Lum can just sorta press T and get some damage off. Crutch.
  • Even the throw itself! Learning how to snap necks is too much for the lazy panda, he just smacks you with his giant peanut. Cruuuutch.
  • His win animation is definitely easier to perform than Setsuki’s acrobatic show as hers. Crutch.
  • His standing animation is just a slower version of Setsuki’s. Crutch.

Lum needs to either stop being an easy version of Setsuki or be removed from the game. Give us some unique characters instead. Evil Grave and Violent Jaina would be good.


I am not even gonna read this. You CAN NOT remove Lum. He is gambler like me and I like him. Remove someone responsible instead, like Midori or Rook.

Jokes aside, I just imagined “violent/evil Lum” character that would have blood dripping out of his teeth and claws, psychotic face expresion and would not have items and dices but instead would be changed to be pure rushdown charater.

Nice shitpost.