Lum's bomb knocks down AI opponents for zero damage

Title: Lum’s bomb knocks down AI opponents for no damage

Summary: When playing as Lum against the AI in Arcade or Survival (and possibly other solo modes) if Lum throws out a bomb and the AI opponent blocks it, the second ‘hit’ of the bomb will knock down the blocking AI opponent but they will take no damage.

This happens almost every time against AI opponents no matter what character, but doesn’t happen against human opponents or against the dummy set to block in practice mode.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play as Lum against an AI opponent.
  2. Throw a bomb that the opponent has to block.
  3. Marvel as they are knocked down but take no damage.

Expected Results: The AI opponent either blocks the bomb and remains upright, or is knocked down and takes damage.

Actual Results: The AI opponent is knocked down but takes no damage.

Game Version: v1.18962

System Information: Steam

That’s intended and reproducible by simply letting go of your block before the 2nd hit.

I didn’t know that! That’s a weird way for the AI to act, though.