Macro exploit for post super flash inputs

Summary: If you happen to press a button up to 8 frames after a super flash, you are committed to that move when the super flash ends. However, if you have macros enabled, you can press the second button of the macro to change the move that comes out.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enable macros
  2. Perform a super with one character
  3. Press a button on the second character immediately after the start of the super flash
  4. Press a second button for a macro just as the super flash is about to end

Expected Results: Either the input is not registered during the super flash, or the player is committed to an input without being able to modify it with a macro.

Actual Results: A player with macros enabled can potentially alter the outcome of a super where a non-macro player would not be able to.

Notes: You can also change your input to a higher priority button e.g. If you press A just after a super flash, you can switch it to B or C.


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