So I’m a f2p player. But why am I, a gold e, getting matched with silvers, which I’m not complaining but it isnt gonna help me, and diamond players, which while the experience is cool it’s a low chance of me winning the entire set. Is there some type of setting that makes this a thing or what?


You can get matched one tier higher or lower than you, it’s the way it’s designed. It’s meant to reduce matchmaking time. I believe it will prioritize matches against your own tier.

But it feels like I get more diamonds than gold though, and it doesn’t help all the told and diamond players play grave and quince when I haven’t matched up to them that often

The server is designed to allow you to match one “weight class” up or down (except for Bronze) in case it can’t find you a ranked match otherwise.

Separately, probably more importantly, the server is still experiencing some matchmaking bugs that the main programmer is currently working on, which have been causing the server to ignore much closer matches for some reason, in favor of much farther-apart matches. Hopefully that should be fixed in the next few days, though!

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