Matchup: Grave vs. Jaina

Here is a place to discuss the matchup between Grave vs. Jaina.

Whose favor is it in? Where is the struggle?

I feel this match is pretty even. Jaina has an advantage in neutral because she can divekick (j.A) or j.C over Grave’s fireball to get him to back up. Divekick also is good for beating Grave’s long normals. However, j.B and Wind are very very good for Grave. Jaina doesn’t have a good tool for things right above her unless she preemptively does C or j.B, so often she has to just hold the incoming j.B mix-up and pressure after. Often she can’t get out of taking block damage without risking a C.

It feels completely even to me, it’s one of my favorites actually.

What Jaina loses in reversals, she wins in zoning.

This match feel petty even. Granted I didn’t play to many Jaina matchups as Grave over the weekend, but of the ones I did play, as well a theory fighting the match, Grave has good ways of getting in and staying in, and Jaina has some pretty good ways of getting him off and keeping him out off.