Matchup: Grave vs. Rook

Here is a place to discuss the matchup between Grave vs. Rook.

Whose favor is it in? Where is the struggle?

I haven’t studied this enough to really claim any authority here, but I was really struggling as Grave to get hits on a Rook that was able to avoid my fireball. Any time I was close enough to do damage, I ended up being thrown/command thrown for at least as much in return.

@vengefulpickle ah yes the chase down. I think I lost my first match because of how scrambly you were in the corner and how you’d get away. Also surprised at how high the priority is for Grave jB.

When I played you, I noticed you weren’t consistently landing the combo. I played Sirlin’s Grave, which I lost to, but I don’t think it was as scary as Val.

I’d suggest not pulling wind towards you cuz that just helped me throw raw C grabs.


Yeah, I definitely need to work on executing both combos (nA B and jA nA B) consistently, and also on actually thinking about which direction I’m setting wind to.

So who wins it? Looks slightly in grave’s favor, but I’m no expert of either character.

Right at the moment, with buggy push boxes on whirlwind, it’s definitely grave favour.
Once that gets fixed, it will need reevaluating.

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What are pushboxes and how are whirlwind’s buggy? :open_mouth:

Push box is a thing which prevents the characters from occupying the same space; it pushes the opponent if you get too close.
Think of it as the space your character takes up.

There’s a bug with all push boxes, but it’s most noticeable with whirlwind, where they’re not working quite right. So often, when whirlwind should push the opponent, then land infront, it instead doesn’t push them and crosses up.

So basically it crosses up waaaay more than it’s supposed to right now.

In fact, I believe that Grave’s air B actually has no pushbox right now, if memory serves, which means that there is basically zero buffer to prevent it from skimming across the top and crossing up.

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Sirlin admitted that Grave’s jB is kind of buggy and that there are times that it should/shouldn’t crossup but does/n’t or something along those lines.

But even without that, it’s just so good
It’s got incredible priority, comes out super fast, has like no landing lag, and sometimes is ambiguous with its crossups

so yeah, probably grave’s favor