Matchup: Rook vs Setsuki


I now hate this matchup
You can’t jump out of hooligan throws
you can’t C incoming capes
Sets can safe super a blockstring to get way out of the way on the other side.

Besides the obvious things, I think jB is surprisingly really good in the MU. That said it’s punishable but hooligan and B antiairs.

Because he’s so slow and she’s so fast, I haven’t really truly figured out what block strings are safe and unsafe. It’s wild and it feels like there’s nothing you can really do against her vortexes and everything falls on catching 1 slip up and getting one right guess on oki.

I’d say 7-3. I can be convinced to 6-4 if there’s something that’s really punisheable that I’m missing.

She doesn’t have a reversal and only 5 hp, so when Rook catches her is basically game over.

I wouldn’t know about 6-4, but a 7-3 where this happens seems too far.

@CWheezy (probably the best Rook player) has called this MU 9-1 in Rook’s favor on several occasions. There’s a video of him going 100-0 against a Sets in local play. That video is from before the September buffs (shorter recovery on Set’s jA and the added first hit on her B) but he has yet to change his opinion on the MU.


So the MU is somewhere between 3-7 and 9-1. It’s something I guess.

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My personal feeling is that the MU fluctuates a lot on different skill levels.

if both players a re new, Rook is probably favored because new rushdown players have 0 idea how to handle Rook’s C.
When they get more intimate which the match-up, Setsuki will rely more on her kunai and cape shenanigans.
Then, assuming Wheezy knows what he is talking about, a great Rook can consistently trade fA with Kunais and wins in a war of attrition.

I’m a mediocre Setsuki (or Rook for that matters) player, but I sorta kinda understand the mechanics and always try to play the matchup with kunais and capes. Still though, Rook’s huge life pool, air B and air Super make my life quite hard.

That said, my Setsuki is mediocre at best.

wow cwheezy says 9-1 for rook eh? xD
Is this the new sets?

You need to guess right 2.5 times, and Sets needs to be right more than that, but man it seems like her options are way more plentiful and safe

Well it sure as hell it isn’t a 9-1, this game has 7-3s at most. He was probably just being sarcastic or something.

Like I’ve said, it was old Sets, but he has yet to revise his opinion.

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