Matchup: Setsuki vs Valerie

How’s the matchup? Who wins it? Why?

Let’s discuss it!

Bump because I’m very curious

I have no idea tbh

Setsuki seems like she has a lot of “fake” stuff, but it’s really about whoever gets the first hit since oki for both characters is pretty extreme

Bump because the idea of knowing about this matchup fills me with determination


In my experience, Setsuki has to play very passive and focus on countering. Val’s hitboxes are so much larger and longer than Sets’ that you can’t really close the distance yourself. But maybe I’m just bad.

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Setsuki would either want to be right up in Valeries face, doing grabs, A,A or flipp mixups.

Or she wants to be outside of Valerie f+A. While Valerie wants to be outside of Setsukis A attack, but reach with her own f+A.

In the air, Valerie has a higher reward for beating Setsuki out of anything, since air A,A gives a ground bounce, and then that is 3 hp taken away from Setsuki. At that point, Setsuki needs to be aware of chip from the air super from Valerie, if she is within range. Setsuki is unable to convert any air to air attack, into real damage. But the air-grab-flip move she has, leads to good KD.

In the end, I am not too knowledgable about the matchup myself, but I would imagine that Setsuki wants to set up KD situations with hard-to-blockables, that lead into new KD situations.

I’d put it slightly in Valerie’s favour. I think Setsuki has better options for getting in, but Valerie can get out of pressure with her S while Setsuki can’t. Furthermore, Valerie gets a whopping 3 guaranteed damage on Setsuki if she scores a Yomi Counter, or a throw while having S.