Menu suggestion (for weak computers)

I installed this game on my old laptop just to see if I could avoid using my desktop.

My laptop doesn’t meet the minimum requirements and I knew that (It’s an old Lenovo B570).

However, I was surprised that the game actually does run on it using the lowest settings. The actual combat runs fine and even looks decent.

The problem is that the menus are slow. If the menus were simplified to images instead of 3D models (or if you added an option for “simple menu backgrounds”), maybe you’d be able to expand the audience for the game a little.

(Edit: for reference, the battles run about 50fps and the menus run around 8fps. There’s no reason the menus should be more intensive than the actual game)


(Not a developer.)

That’s unexpected behavior. The best I can guess is that the depth-of-field blur applied to the background of the menu screen ends up being super hard to render for your particular graphics card. Does the low framerate persist in the local versus character select screen? (I’m not sure if it’s a 3D background or a pre-blurred 2D background since it never moves, but it’s another data point.)

I also run this on my old laptop. It’s an Intel Core i5-3210M with 4GB and the graphics card is an Intel HD Graphics 4000. Needless to say it’s an old, broken toaster potato. I use Windows 10. My experience is very similar. I can run the game on the lowest resolution and lowest graphic settings and stay above 60 fps during matches. But the menu screens are around 8fps. Actually, the only time I ever get above single digit fps is during a match (well, I get about 16fps in the settings menu).

The character select screen is actually where it’s the worst.

I didn’t think about blur of field or depth. I just assumed it was because the menus and character select load all the 3D models at once in order to show the costume colors, where as matches only load the the two who are fighting.

I’m just speaking out of my butt, but that was my initial thought.


If the crippled framerate has to do with memory usage, then you should see a reduction in memory footprint when you go from menu to fight. Check your Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) to take a look before and after.

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Even with a computer that is far better than the recommended requirements, there is noticeable lag when going to the character select screen in local play.

The difference in memory usage between menu and a match was about 200 MB. So, I don’t think it was about memory usage. Although it does take a significant time to load a character model on the character select screen when switching characters. But, the menu and character select screen is still pretty responsive even though it’s at single digit fps.

I have the same problem on my laptop. It seems that only we laptop users have this problem?

I cheked the Task Manager and the memory usage doesn’t change at all between the character selection screen and the fight, but nevertheless during the fight it jumps from 12 fps of the menu to 30 fps.

However I noticed that when I higlight a character on the selection screen, and the 3D model is loaded, the memory usage goes up by about 100mb, for every character, and it doesn’t go down, not even during the fight.
So yes, all character models remain loaded at the same time.

Maybe I should also add that my computer overheats after playing this for 15 minutes.