Metal Boss changes

I don’t have the game on Steam, but could you tell me what changes are done to Metal Boss characters in Survival mode?

Off the top of my head:
Metal boss characters have different sound effects when you hit them.
They have massively more hp.
They have a lot of powered up moves. Here’s a few of them:
Geiger: His step kick is sped up and has armor. His flash gear does 2 damage and can do 3 with a follow-up.
Grave: His wind lasts a lot longer. He always shoots out yellow clouds instead of blue ones, even without wind. His whirlwind always shoots out lightning.
DeGrey: He has access to Final Arbiter on the ground. His jump kicks have a different trajectory. He has access to another type of dash on the ground (not just his counterpoint step).
Jaina: She has an arrow she can fire upwards from the ground. She has a flame kick that juggles.
Valerie: She has access to a black paintbrush swipe (it can reflect projectiles). She also has a diagonal upwards paint trail dash starting from the ground (similar to her jB that goes downward).