Midori Perfect as Dragon

Title - Midori will show ‘Perfect’ in Dragon Form

If Midori goes into Dragon Form and kills you before you can hit him, it will show a Perfect, even if Midori was hit in human mode. This happens in Arcade Mode, not sure about online.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Fight Midori in Arcade
  2. Hit him in Human Form once
  3. When he is in Dragon Form, let him kill you.

Expected Results: Not to take the brutal hit to the soul that is a Perfect loss because at least I got one hit in. :disappointed:

Actual Results: Game will give Midori the Perfect.

Notes: Not game breaking but as this is in early access thought it may be worth mentioning. It has happened a few times to me.

Game Version: v0.11591

System Information: Mac OS High Sierra, i7 3.4GHz, 32GB Ram, NVIDIA GTS 680MX 2GB

This might actually be because of the bug in arcade mode where boss Midori (who has 9 HP) gets a “perfect” if he wins with 7 HP (regular Midori HP)