Midori's Ground B fails to pass knocked-down opponents

Midori’s Ground B fails to pass knocked-down opponents

Sometimes, Midori’s Ground B will stop suddenly on an opponent who is knocked down rather than continuing forward as it should. The animation stops very suddenly as well.

Steps to reproduce:
Exact steps unknown, but it seems to only happen if Midori is in the corner and the opponent is directly next to him. Works best if B is performed after the Successful Parry Special Grab.

Expected Results:
Midori flies past the opponent.

Actual Results:
Midori stays in place, and performs an incorrect animation.



Game Version:

System Information:
Windows 10

Oh this is a bug! I thought I was just spacing it badly. (I never did it from so close.)

Normally he can cross over the opponent and hit them as soon as they wake up. Even leads to pretty dirty crossups. So I’m not sure why it behaves differently in this circumstance.

the empowered grab knockdown is very short compared to other moves, that might be why

Thanks for the report, that will be fixed in the next update.