Midori's throw advantage

Since Midori’s throw keeps everyone standing, I was wondering if he had any frame advantage over his opponent. Training mode says that hitstun is NA.

In August 2017, Sirlin posted that the “exact distance that each character flies backward will vary by their size.” Does this also impact when the thrown character can act? ie since Rook is heavy and doesn’t get thrown as far, does he act sooner than Setsuki, who is presumably lighter?

I created a table with the help of someone else about this about a year back. The upshot was “usually you’re advantaged, but not always”.
I’ll see if I can find it. It may not still be 100% accurate still, since all the updates, but I can always make a new one.

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Ok, I found it. This is the table from a year ago (updated from my own mistake from a year ago, but not updated since then).

Grave  +10+8 +0  +2  
Setsuki+2 +0 -8  -7  
Rook   +6 +4 -4  -2  
DeGrey +7 +4 -4  -3  
Geiger +11+9 +1  +3  
Jaina  +11+9 +1  +3  
Valerie+11+9 +1  +3  
Midori +7 +5 -3  -1  
Dragon +11+9 +1  +3  


Heck yeah that’s some good data.

Does that mean that dragon form is disadvantaged against Setsuki, Rook, DeGrey, and Midori?

Wasn’t this about throw range, not about throw recovery time?

Edit: Never mind, had this confused with a different table about throws.

Last time I checked, yes. It put Setsuki too far away to actually punish, but you’re heavily minus. I will recheck them soon though.