Mini Lum pulls Geiger

Mini Lum pulls Geiger.

This is funny, but fix plz.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. In Training mode, set up Lum throw mini Lum.
  2. Geiger dodge mini Lum with Phase out.
  3. Passed mini Lum pulls Geiger with mysterious power .:thinking:

This isn’t a bug, it’s what happens when you try to move backwards while a projectile is behind you. It’s not character specific and can happen with any projectile.

Most likely caused by a “Block Hitbox”, common in fighting games. When an attack is a certain range away from you, despite not being in range to hit your character, it will force you to block. That’s why you’re seeing Geiger slowly move backwards while blocking.

Yeah I’m pretty sure this is actually geiger walking backwards, being forced to stop and block, the panda moves out of range, then he walks backwards, is forced to stop and block, etc. etc.