Minor Graphic Bug: Red Health Does Not Appear Immediately

Red health does not appear immediately after striking in practice mode

This bug is always reproducible. For a little while after the character’s health regenerates in practice mode, any damage taken will not display red health immediately. When it is time for the red health to start decreasing, it will then suddenly appear and decrease as it should be.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go into practice mode.
  2. Damage the dummy character
  3. Shortly after the dummy character’s health regenerates, damage the dummy character again.

Expected Results:
Red health should appear immediately after taking damage as it normally does during any other time.

Actual Results:
The yellow health disappears to show damage taken, but the red health does not appear until the time when the red health should be decreasing.

The screenshot below shows a three-hit combo in progress and the corresponding decrease in health but no red health.


Game Version:

System Information:
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Intel Core i5-3210M
Intel HD Graphics 4000

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