My Fantasy Strike Fanart!

First FS art and first post on the forum. I’ve been on the Discord since Wed. when I got the game.
Didn’t even know of the forum. I’m in the Bay Area & wish I’d worked on the game, but will support it.

Went all-out. :black_nib:
And promoted it & the game:

Next up- Val & Jaina- opposite extreme. :woman:


This is awesome. Both the art and the fact that you’re hyping the game. I look forward to more!


Love the artwork! Great to see them locked into battle! Grappler fight!

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Thanks very much! I appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face: Good to be here.

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Big thanks to Organous of the Discord for the idea of someone laughing and post-battle effects.
This ties in elements of Valerie’s story intro with the setting of Jaina’s ending.
Hope you enjoy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love this one. It’s great getting to see these characters in non-fighting settings. Any chance on getting different sizes/aspect ratios, to use as desktop wallpaper?

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Thanks! Good question. I can do that- yes, 1024 x 768? Ok, I uploaded that size. :slightly_smiling_face:
And I revised the art based off Discord feedback, so now Val looks even better.

And just revised & uploaded again, because Val had the eye colors switched.
Thanks again to sliph for catching that.

Lum’s really funny & one of my mains. But he can’t bring out everything at once like this!
Maybe it’s a dream. :grin:

Thanks to the FS Discord (especially Dave Sirlin!) for feedback on improving Lum.
And thanks to @Bruce for mention of the text on the sign needing a fix.
I put the revised version here, on Reddit & on DevArt!
Hope you enjoy!


Finally, the ‘regular guys’ of Fantasy Strike! DeGrey and Geiger hang out w/Grave, but he isn’t into their chat. Yet he’s willing to be informed on events, so there’s hope. :smile:
Thanks to the FS Discord for feedback on a Grave fix. Enjoy!


This is hilarious.

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Thanks for the reply. Glad you enjoyed! :adult:

Wise fishman Argagarg and lovely kunoichi Setsuki are enjoying lunch, but of all the things for her to have- sushi, with fish!
Arg is patient, but everyone has their limits. :)

Thanks to the Fantasy Strike Discord for the idea to do this art.
I’ve now done art for the whole cast, and most of them involved food and drink, ha.