My Onimaru keeps jumping forever in matches



I thought it might be my controller, but I checked the outputs in KDE’s Joystick settings, and there were no extra inputs being sent. The d-pad isn’t stuck at a hardware level.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pick a ranked team with Onimaru on it and play on Kubuntu with an Xbox One pad.
  2. Play < 30 matches.
  3. At some point, there will be a round or two where Onimaru just jumps over and over again, regardless of your own input.

Expected Results:
Your inputs should be reflected in the game.

Actual Results:
Onimaru jumps constantly, and you can only stop him from jumping by holding down on the d-pad.



Game Version:

System Information:

Unplug the controller and see if the problem persists

Well, if I unplug the controller while the game is running, which I did try as a remedy, the game just crashes to desktop. I don’t plan on playing with a keyboard, so next on my list would be to play with a different controller.

That’s a curious issue.

Try launching the game without the controller plugged in, just to see