New build! v6326

Most of you probably already know this, but a new build came out!

Here are the big changes:

Patreon Account Verification:
You can now play the game at the $5 tier! Being on a higher tier gives you access to more characters. Grave, Jaina, Rook, Setsuki, and Valerie for $5, Geiger for $10, and lastly DeGrey and Midori for $25!

Geiger revision!
Geiger underwent a few tweaks regarding frame data, but as far as new features go, he had two normals change: His 5A is now a crouching punch with a bit of start up that is special cancellable, and his 4A is a slidey step kick thing that combos into Flash Gear! This definitely opens up Geiger’s offensive options and rewards Geiger for higher risk play. He also can do some pretty crazy combos in niche circumstances. You’ll definitely need to keep an eye out for when you can confirm big damage off of super cancelling!

Setsuki Animations:
Setsuki’s animations are largely finished! They’re looking really good, and hitting an air opponent with J.C->C is incredibly satisfying. I also quite like her yomi counter and her super.

New stage! Midori’s dojo.
I absolutely love this stage conceptually. It’s currently at its most basic form however, with mostly basic shapes and lighting. The dojo is also a little too small, I think. :stuck_out_tongue: That said, expect it to improve and look wonderful~

What does everyone who has the build think?


Setsuki’s animations look great! I’m pumped that Valerie has music now! Geiger seems really combo-videoable!

I do definitely agree that the dojo building seems a bit smaller than I’d expected. I was expecting something with SF3-style exaggerated perspective like the original concept art, though it still looks pretty good overall so far!

Hi can someone please confirm the 4 characters playable at the $5 tier? I would like to pledge, but I won’t if I can’t play Rook in that mode… :disappointed_relieved: #MoneyProblems

Apparently the playable characters are determined by completeness, and Rook is looking very complete indeed (Geiger is the $10/month bonus, and DeGrey and Midori are maxband)

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Holy crap.

So now it seems like Geiger’s Air Super is almost identical to how he murders you in Yomi.

Get KD either through Flash Gear or a Throw. Then jump super over their body (the way Valerie does with Rainbow Disc).

So now you can Throw if they try to block, go for a crossup C (leads to the most damage) or maybe just a regular jump C to get them to block wrong. Against Setsuki (short character) I was able to get combos like:

Air super, crossup C, AB (air super connects), then anything that reaches (ABC) =8-9 hits, 5 damage (COULD be 6 but I don’t think so, also can’t tell because of her health bar).

Very dangerous. On larger characters it’s harder to get the crossup 3 damage combo to hit before Cycloid (is this super Cycloid? I think so?) reaches the target and makes them airborne. After they’re airborne you can get 1 more hit in and then Cycloid will deal its 1 damage, so I think it’s 5. Been trying to get a second hit in somehow but it’s not so easy.

It’s also POSSIBLE but very hard to get Slow Time Spiral to hit during the 3 hit crossup, but getting the crossup C requires you to be nearly max distance before letting the Spiral fly. And then you have to make sure that where you placed Cycloid is close enough to where it’s going to extend the combo. It’s totally dream scenario but as far as I can tell, 6 damage is the most you can get with this setup (and it has to be against Setsuki so the 6th damage doesn’t matter).

Where’s Desk when you need him?

He seems very strong. I need others to play against to find out if he really is, though!

Also this was always the button Geiger was missing ; the Guile C.MP that cancels into everything. Though maybe I’m weird and I would rather b+A be the punch and A be step-kick.

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So I downloaded the build and played through the arcade mode with Rook last night. SO MUCH FUN! I love his new airial splash! Seems like that will be another nice tool to deal with projectiles! Unfortunately, my laptop just isn’t up to snuff; a few minutes after completing the arcade mode, my laptop shut down due to overheating issues. So I’m going to cancel my patreon support until I can get a new computer. :cry:

Have you tried turning down the graphics settings, juicer? The defaults are pretty high quality.

(or is your laptop some kind of ancient artifact)

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First thing I did when it loaded was change the graphics to low. My laptop counts as an Ancient Artifact unit.

Hi, new patron pages are very cool.
I told to Japanese FGC,called "格ゲーチェッカー(Kakuge-Checker)"
about FSFG !
I hope they will talk to Japanese FG fans about FSFG on Twitter.
And I want to play New ver. of FSFG, but it’s midnight in Japan.
I must go to work, so LATER…


Geiger being able to cancel a crouching punch into Timekick makes me feel like… I’m home


I cannot overemphasize the importance of the fact that this redesign allows Geiger to now properly play gears-out