New challenger bug

Title: New challenger bug.

Summary: Sometimes when sitting in queue for quickmatch the “here comes a new challenger” screen and voice will pop up but you won’t actually have a match.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Sit in QM queue.
  2. Wait.

Expected Results: Only get the new challenger message when you have a match.

Actual Results: Sometimes get new challenger message and remain in queue.


output log
another output log

Game Version: 0.13159

System Information: Win10 Home

This specifically has a followup bug. While one person gets the new challenger, then nothing, the other person gets no notification at all, and when they try to exit the quickmatch queue for whatever reason, the game crashes

New challenger bug last thing in the log presumably.

Edit: Leaving queue does not crash the game. Only the new challenger message while remaining in queue part happens.

Looking at the log, it looks like the opponent you found decided to quit immediately after you connected (like 0.1 second after connecting), before gameplay started.

When that rare event happens, I make the game avoid actually starting gameplay, on purpose, and instead I leave you on the main menu, rejoining the QM queue immediately. It’s a bit jarring, but I think it’s better than the alternative of loading up gameplay when the opponent has already quit.


Ahh, ok. Good to know. Thanks!