Noone in silver?


I win several games in bronze. And all was good. But in silver - i cant find anyone.

Very small plaerbase? Or other?

Did you also try to search for Casual match (Any opponent)?

Ranked play has a ping filter (less than 180msec), so it may be harder to find matches.
Also you can queue both for casual and ranked at the same time.

On the other hand, if you enqueue for both casual and ranked, and you do not find matches,
it is possible that you need to forward ports (Ports to forward for online connection issues: UDP 9991 and 19900)

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I played two casual matches today.
May be problem in my ping(


Hmm, how often do you get casual matches?

Usually, there will be at least 2-4 people during the day/night, so you should
be able to get (in the worst case) at least one casual match every 30 minutes…

If you have been queuing for casual (any opponent), and you don’t get regular matches,
it may be worth while to do the port forwarding that I’ve linked above.

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