Oddly specific bug with Setsuki Super

Weird bug with Setsuki’s super

Basically you can cancel a gC into a gSuper

Steps to reproduce:
(You should go to lab in order to do this since this is a 1frame cancel window)

  1. Do a gC
  2. 1 frame later press gS
  3. is way easier to see what happened if you were walking left or right

There is a possibility this could be totally intentioned BUT if you press jump and then Super the character will jump and then do an jSuper (duh)
Thats why i think this is a bug
Doesnt she is supposed to jump after the gC and THEN her jS?

Notes: By the way, her walking animation goes immediately to Setsuki’s idle stance when you press gC and then she will do her bouncing/jump gC animation as usual
That “idle stance frame” could be the reason on why she can cancel into gS
(Worth mention: It appears that this is the only move she can cancel her gC)

Attachments: Here is an example of the bug

" Setsuki gC into gS - YouTube "

Game Version: Sadly idk how to see this but today is March 2 2023 and yes my game is updated

I play on ps4 (i tried my best to explain this since i dont speak english, but its more clear on the video)