Ok so if there is one knock I have against this game it’s the

Servers… holy crap, what is going on tonight with the lag?

Since I have gotten this game at best the connection is decent and at worse it’s like watching stop motion animation. The thing is my Switch is hardwired instead of on WiFi. I don’t know if there’s crossplay on the Switch but even then it can’t be that bad because I don’t think there’s even that many people playing this game.

Very disappointed tonight. Lost a lot of matches I should have won. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not even claiming to be good in the first place. I’m just saying it totally sucks to lose because of lag instead of losing because I got outplayed.

The only part that involves servers is setting up the matchmaking. The match is actually played peer-to-peer. Sorry for hearing about your lag, but it could be when you play, you’re playing during a time when it’s popular during another part of the world (for instance, Australians). I know there are quite a few NA players during the NA evening times, and during the middle of the day (for me), there are quite a few European players. Very late at night, I see several Australian players come online and I get matched up with them. Sadly, Australia’s connection to the rest of the world isn’t very good. So, I’ll get 200-300ms ping and is very unstable.

For the most part, I know that the PC version is very good for pretty high ping. Amazingly good. In fact, I can play with people in Japan (I’m east coast NA) and have a very solid connection. It’s a bit tougher on both consoles for high ping probably due to the CPU constraints on both.


The crossplay option is in the “online” tab in the options screen.

If it is on, you’ll be matched with PC players, and the chance of them being on wire too would be bigger.