Oni nA Reflector Concept

I had a dumb “shower thought” where Onimaru’s nA could function as a reflector.

The move could reflect projectiles that do not require meter back at the opponent (such as grave fireballs or geiger time spirals)

The move would not work on metered projectiles (such as clockwork), wind summoned projectiles, Lum’s pandas/mini rook, or any moves that summon projectile-like entities (such as Onimaru robots or Quince’s Patriot Mirror).

The move would also put Onimaru automatically into an immovable stance on a successful reflect, during which he cannot move. This would be so that he cannot readily follow the projectile thrown.

This is a fast move as opposed to B,B or rook bA, and I don’t see the use of it ^^ Why Oni ?

Mostly so that Oni could have a better time against zoners specifically. It could be designed as stated or it could be where on a successful “parry” no damage is dealt and you get a small amount of meter as a reward.

Oni kinda has jS to start up some pressure against his opponent, so i thought it’d be interesting if he had a move like this but kinda whenever