Onimaru's jC>C can occasionally whiff

Title: Onimaru’s jC>C can occasionally whiff

Summary: Under some circumstances, if jC whiffs, it’s possible for the followup hit to whiff if the opponent is right next to you and throws certain attacks. This is easiest to do with Setsuki, but I’ve had it happen with Quince and I believe Valerie.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load up training with Oni and Set.
  2. Put Oni and Set in front of each other.
  3. jC with Oni so that he lands right behind Set. I recommend entering Frame Step Mode before Oni lands.
  4. Try to make Oni do C. Frame step until he’s a exactly 2 frames into the invincibility.
  5. Mash A with Set.

Expected Results: Oni hits Set.

Actual Results: Depending on timing, Oni hits Set, they both miss, or Set hits Oni.

Notes: I understand that this isn’t the only time where some attacks can whiff. However, this is a case where a very weak character (Oni) is having an attack whiff in a situation where it totally feels like it should be hitting.

Attachments: It’s hard to pull off, so I made a lil’ video.

Game Version: v1.18962

System Information: I figure this doesn’t matter. Recording was made on Windows 10.