Opponent Disconnecting from Ranked match queued me in Casual

Opponent disconnecting from ranked match queued me in casual

I was previously queued in casual and ranked. I did a casual match. The opponent quit after 1 match. I then only queued in ranked since I was dequeued out of both. I got a ranked match. The opponent quit immediately after we got matched. Afterwards, I was returned to main menu and queued in both casual and ranked, even though I only specifically queued in ranked earlier.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Queue in casual and ranked.
  2. Have opponent quit in the second match of casual.
  3. Queue only in ranked.
  4. Have opponent quit immediately after ranked match is about to begin.

Expected Results:
I will be back in main menu with only ranked queued.

Actual Results:
I am queued in both ranked and casual.



Game Version:

System Information: