Opponent's attacks not affected by super freeze of Setsuki's JS

Title: Opponent’s attacks not affected by super freeze of Setsuki’s JS

Summary: If Setsuki counters a projectile with her JS, the opponent’s attacks will not be affected by super freeze. This allows the opponent to fully recover from virtually any action and punish Setsuki during her reappearance.

This is most apparent if the opponent is airborne, as any move they do will fully complete, but they will remain in place in midair.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pick Setsuki + any opponent with a projectile.
  2. Have Setsuki use her JS, and throw a projectile into it.

Expected Results: Opponent’s actions are locked by the super freeze.

Actual Results: Opponent fully recovers from any move that was happening during the super freeze.

Notes: In addition to this, there is a possibly related bug where Setsuki’s dash after the counter is not affected by super freeze.


Game Version: v0.14172

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Thanks for the report, I’ll fix this in the next update.

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