[OS X] PS4 controller stops working if cmd-tabbing to another window

Title: OS X controller no longer recognized if cmd-tabbing to another app on the same monitor
Summary: if I cmd-tab to another window on the same monitor as Fantasy Strike and then cmd-tab back, I get a new controller dialog

Steps to reproduce:

  1. start game in arcade mode. I’m using a PS4 controller
  2. verify controller works as player 1 (I’ve used arcade mode)
  3. pause game
  4. cmd-tab to Steam.app on same monitor
  5. cmd-tab to FS_Mac

Expected Results:
I will get to continue to play as player 1

Actual Results:
I get a dialog asking me to “Press each button in sequence as indicated below” - I cannot actually use this to get my PS4 controller to continue working.

I am able to continue playing if I switch to my keyboard.
If I select the local play option, the PS4 controller will be controlling player 2.
This is sometimes reproducible if I cmd-tab to my secondary monitor but is less reliable

This is the list of USB devices, in case that’s relevant

Game Version:

System Information:
Mac OS X 10.14.6
PS 4 controller (model CUH-ZCT2U)

I can confirm this.
I have the same issue.

The strange thing is that the controller is still working in the menu. You actually become player 2 and you’d have to use the keyboard to continue as playing player 1.
Somehow using the keyboard makes the game think you’d want to play with that in stead of the controller you set up.

I also tried connecting to my iMac, running macOS Mojave 10.14.6, using bluetooth, but I wasn’t able to set-up that properly. I don’t think that has anything to do with the game though.
Can someone with an older macOS version or with Catalina test this? Maybe it has something to do with 10.14.6.
I also have v1.18422 of FS.

I tested this on my laptop, the behavior is the same.

OS: Catalina (10.15.2)
FS: 1.18422
same controller

That’s not good.
So it’s not macOS then.
I will test this later this week on my iMac while I’m booted into Windows. I recently installed Fantasy Strike there as well. I’ll be able to double check if it’s a hardware thing.

As I was trying to show the problem under macOS to a friend just now, I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem anymore. At first I have connected 2 Dual Shock controllers by cable and that worked fine. Later we tried it with only one connected and the switching between players didn’t occur in Arcade Mode anymore.
I do not know how this is helpful, but at my side the problem seems fixed. I still have the same version of the game and I believe the same steam version, but could you do a retry anyway @DonnieSharko?

I was able to reproduce this on my laptop and my desktop. My laptop (10.15.2) has been consistently reproducing this, but there was one try where my desktop (10.14.6) would not reproduce. I have been unable to find any difference between the successful reproductions and the unsuccessful ones.

Every attempt on both machines has been with a single controller. I do not have another to reproduce your test conditions.

I just retried.
I’m sad that I have to mention that the problem is still there.
Probably the use of 2 Dual Shocks prevents it from happening, but from a clean startup with just one PS4 controller, switching to another program just makes the game think you’d want to use the keyboard for Player 1 input.
This is really bad.

You’d think this would happen regards the type of controller, so I’m going to use a X-box One controller to double check it.
Edit: Now I can’t even get my X-box One controller to work properly altough the system says it’s connected. Ah, this is not good.
Edit2: I can use my X-box One controller wireless fine, but I can’t use the D-Pad for some reason. Really weird.

It’s getting worse. While in Big Picture Mode, 1 X-box One controller controls both players. That’s ridiculous. How is this even possible?
I used an iMac 2019 with 10.14.6 Mojave using a Bluetooth connected One controller. I can’t test it wired, because I do not have Catalina (.15.x)
Maybe I should make a separate thread for this?

Edit4: When I use the same machine and boot into Windows I can use my X-box One controller with Bluetooth without any problems. Well, I do have to connect it 3 times, but after there is a connection I can game as you’d expect.

About this specific problem, that sounds like the result of “Steam controller support” interfering in a bad way.

If you ever have “Steam controller support” enabled, and have controller problems, first disable that. It acts like joy2key (it secretly presses keyboard keys in addition to the regular gamepad inputs) and that can cause double-inputs in Fantasy Strike. Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings > uncheck “PlayStation Configuration Support” and the like.

That worked like a charm for my X-box One controller!
I’m going to test it out with the PS4 / DS4 controllers tomorrow.

I even won a match today. Woohoo!

@DonnieSharko have you tried connecting your PS4 / DS4 controller wirelessly to your iMac?
That works for me!
I had forgotten I used to do that… sorry. I should have checked that earlier.

I played some casual matches with it. Which is very nice to learn some match-ups.

Edit: You can sync the controller by pressing the share & playstation button at the same time.

Sounds like this solved, and not a bug. (But rather, a problem with Steam’s bad “controller support” feature that people should disable.)