Paired with self in ranked queue

Title: Paired with self in ranked

I was paired against myself in a ranked match. During the games, I controlled both characters’ movements. Otherwise, the match worked normally (the game did not crash or anything). At the end of the match, I lost ranked points. Afterwards, I appear in my own recent players list.

Steps to reproduce:
This just happened, and I have not been able to reproduce it. One potentially relevant piece of information is that I queued for ranked mode (by toggling on the find match option with a saved team), then started to play Arcade mode. While playing Arcade mode, a message was displayed saying that I disconnected from the server. After completing Arcade mode, I queued for ranked again (once again by toggling the find match option). Shortly afterwards, I was matched against myself.

Expected Results:
To be paired against another player in Ranked mode.

Actual Results:
Paired against self.


Game Version:

The true mirror match.