Patreon --> PS4 Build?

Today I saw the Trailer on the PSN YouTube Channel.
Planned Platforms for Fantasy Strike seem to be mentioned nowhere at the moment. (System Specs neither btw.)
Depending in the source - official Sony PlayStation Channel - I speculate this could possibly be released in PS4 some day.

I really love Yomi and enjoy Sirlins theoretical work, so I’d like to support development financially.

When and/or how would I get access to PS4 builds?
For which platforms will patrons geht the final release?

We haven’t 100% worked out what platforms the game will be on at launch, but for now you can play the game on PC and Mac via Patreon. Too early to tell!

Even though I own a PS4, I’m unreasonably hopeful that a Switch version will be available just because of the incredible local multiplayer potential


Hear hear!

Yes. A Nintendo Switch version would be incredible. Nintendo’s focus on local multiplayer anywhere means you can take FS anywhere and start impromptu tournaments :grin: