PC: In ranked, opponent leaves immediately and I get stuck at the first screen

Title: In ranked on pc, my opponent leaves immediately and I get stuck at the first screen.

Summary: I haven’t played a single match in ranked yet, so I’m bottom rank. So far I’ve only been matched with other players at rank C or higher. They leave immediately; I get the “opponent has disconnected” modal. After dismissing that I am stuck at the opening screen and cannot back out, I have to alt+f4. This has happened three times with three different players (every time I tried to play ranked).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Be unranked
  2. Start a ranked match
  3. Get matched with a higher ranked player
  4. Opponent disconnects, modal pops up
  5. Dismiss modal, be stuck at starting screen.

Expected Results: Be able to play a ranked match :confused:.

Actual Results: Stuck at the first screen after loading into a ranked match, can’t leave without quitting game.

Notes: I’m not sure if the opponent was leaving because I’m unranked, or if there’s some bug that looks like they disconnected. Either way, the game doesn’t seem to know to bring me back to the main menu.


Game Version: Not sure where the version is displayed. FS_Win64.exe lists File Version 2018.2.16.42156 and Product Version 2018.2.16.3777708. This is the latest update at time of writing: https://steamcommunity.com/games/390560/announcements/detail/1582375477967859912

System Information:
Here’s my dxdiag, zipped.

not sure where the version is displayed.

It is at top of the screen in the options menu (or however the menu when you click on the wheel in the top right is called)


Ha, I’m blind :). Current version is v1.17939. There was just a small patch this morning, though, so it would be whatever version was immediately before it.

Also, I should add, when it showed the tournament brackets there was only ever myself and one other player present. Immediately after that the other player would disconnect and then I’d be stuck.

I’m getting the same glitch in the Switch version of the game.

Version 1.17874