PC/Steam wried 360 gamepad direction issue

PC/Steam wried 360 gamepad direction issue

Apparently, even after mapping my controller, using the analogue stick left/right equates to up/down, despite mapping seperate. You can “glitch” left/right by using diagonals on the stick

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start FS
  2. Pick “Practice”
  3. In the character select, move the stick in all four directions. Left/right move the character select up and down
  4. If you pick “Online”, or “Solo”, you cannot navigate those menus

Expected Results:
Left/Right = Left/Right, not Up/Down

Actual Results:
Left/Right = Up/Down

I saw Remy77077’s thread about using regedit to delete mappings; tried that, made no difference


Game Version:
v1.17545 (Steam)

System Information:
Windows 7
USB Wired Xbox 360 Pad

Have restarted FS again (did do that several times trying to get this to work), and now it seems to be registering correctly.

No idea what happened, but I’ll take it…

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I can confirm that this is an issue you can have with the current build - specifically, when you use the « controller setup » the first time, you can have double-inputs like these until you restart the game.

Our next update will fix this issue.