Perfect Lum jCs cause his voice lines to get stuck

Title: Perfect Lum jCs cause his voice lines to get stuck

Summary: I found an extremely meaningless and low-priority bug! If you keep throwing melons as fast as possible, Lum’s voice lines don’t properly get rerolled every time. Instead, this is what happens:

Melon 1: Random voice line
Melon 2: Random voice line
Melon 3: Same voice line as melon 2
Melon 4: Same voice line as melon 3

Melon n: Same voice line as melon n-1

However, every once in a while (I observed it from between about 20 seconds to a little over a minute), a new random voice line is chosen. It then gets stuck on that one for a while before rerolling.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Choose Lum
  2. Use jC
  3. Keep using jC as often as the game will let you

Expected Results:

  1. Me-lon!
  2. Have a melon!
  3. Splat!
  4. Melon!
  5. Splat!
  6. Here’s your melon!

Actual Results:

  1. Have a melon!
  2. Splat!
  3. Splat!
  4. Splat!
  5. Splat!
  6. Splat!

Notes: I tested this using the turbo mode on my fightstick, inputting a J and C press 20 times every second. Due to this game’s 8 frame buffer (and assuming I understand how input buffers work :flushed:) this should mean that it was effectively frame perfect inputs.


Game Version: v1.19100 (2020-09-10 patch)

System Information: Reproduced on Steam and Switch