Persephone move set brainstorming

Here’s the place for persephone brainstorming

I don’t really have a clue. People were talking about command grabs?
Her hack and queen depict her with a whip, so one of her buttons at least will be dedicated to that. Interestingly her queen looks like an uppercut.

B: a whip lash
C: uppercut? Maybe forget it?
Air B:
Air C:
Super: Mistress command. She’ll shoot out a slow heart projectile and if you get hit, then… Something
Air super: a counter?

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MC: A second after it hits, the opponent performs X actions you inputed during that second. Can be used for counter hit set ups, wasting super meter, doing unsafe jump ins, etc

Rapid lash could be rapidly pressing A

Maybe a ranged whip grap, sort of like KoF’s Vice long arm grab

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Would her neutral A be “long” ranged?

I see her as a very footsies based character with long range whip normals.

Her C might be her Rising Pleasure, a reversal.

Her Super might involve her dogs?

I think her supers should be really good, but I can’t think of what her specials would be still

Probably her command grab and reversal on the ground, not sure in the air though.

I wouldn’t mind her command grab only deal 1 damage, but with a long whip range. I would mix things up a little.

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I think she needs to be very different from Poison in Street Fighter X Tekken.
The reason is : Perse has wings.
I’d imagine her as a divekick character, her whip dealing no damages (except on super) but used as a control against projectiles and a way to prevent opponents to jump on her.
Her supers might be a jumping whip lash and a long-range throw using the whip too.

Giving her a divekick does sound pretty fun, expecially as a grappler! She should probably get 6 hps only though.

On the ground I’d still liker her to have:

  • a whip normal, perhaps fA, with good range to play footsies with
  • a B that’s a command grab with very good range, but that only deals 1 damage and is unsafe on whiff
  • a C reversal: her rising pleasure

A whip lash in the air wouldn’t be bad either, maybe her njA. It should not hit on the ground though, even if done very low, or it would be a little too strong.

If she’s footsies based I’m sooo maining her.

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Totally ! :smiley: And having low hp totally fits with her Yomi profile !

Whip normal would give her interesting mix up and combo options, totally agree with you. Having access to a reversal would be a bit OP IMO for a footsie character, so maybe Rising Pleasure on ground super ?

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Could work!

Geiger however does have footsies and a reversal, and while he seems to be the best character at the moment, it isn’t because of his fA / C combo.

That said, he doesn’t have a command grab to force jumps, so maybe you are right.

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Don’t know, only Sirlin knows how to make good balanced games lol