Please make Survival more fun/clearable

Hey, I love the game & have promoted it with fanart.

PS4- four trophies for Survival. One less & a trophy for Boss Rush would be better imo.
But using the strategy of (hold)C unblockable grab for Setsuki, I still can’t clear any survivals.

Been playing fighters since Urban Champion, and typically clear survival or the survival number for a trophy.
Street Fighter V makes it fun by increasing the difficulty vary for each course.
FS 20 course at least could have easier AI. 30 course a bit too.

SFV has powerups, continues, etc.
I know powerups are in Boss Rush, but can you do something to make survival better?
Does this show 0% of PSN has the trophies?

Not sure, but thanks for listening.


I’ve never made it passed the third shadow boss of the 20 character survival. Usually don’t make it much past the first one. I agree that it is very hard


I was able to clear the 20 survival mode with Grave and Geiger, in the Fantasy Strike beta version.

Since the release, the AI got stronger, and I hardly pass the second shadow boss in the 20 survival mode.But on the other hand, I do survival while queuing for a match, and since the release I find online matches more often.So I haven’t really had a chance to clear the mode, nor did I tried to clear it on purpose, when not waiting for a match.

I’m not sure how I feel about restricting the AI in the 20 survival mode…
Maybe it will be a better experience to have some progression between the “20, 35 and 50” versions.


Nice, thanks for the reply!

That reminds me, when I get an online match during survival, afterwards I go back to the main menu and lose all progress.

Is this intended? If so, I wonder why!

I think survival continues from the opponent who you last fought, not sure though.
Have to check it…

P.S. There seems to be some inconsistency.
I had cases where survival was not resumed - like, when I leave queue, after a casual or ranked match, also when I’ve pressed “ready” to queue for the next online match - the survival did not continue.
Then I didn’t take an action, and left the 10sec count down to pass, and the survival match continued! But, It was not always - I made close to 4 tests, let’s say 2 or 3 times, when I didn’t take an action and the count down was over, the survival continued. But I just had a case, when after an online match the survival did not continue…


I totally agree that survival is almost impossible to clear without cheesing it and getting good RNG on which Shadow bosses you fight.

While we’re sharing our Survival Wishlists… I’d love it if 50 survival mode didn’t add in boss rush attacks to the enemies. I would love to see how far I can go against just the regular opponents on normal or hard AI. See how long I can go before making six fatal mistakes. Nothing is worse than blocking Grave’s sword and going for the punish only to discover he has the second sword attack powerup


Thanks for the info. Hope they fix that!

Nice, I appreciate the reply. I haven’t even tried 30 or 50 since I can’t 10 cruel or 20.
And I’m trying to cheese w/Setsuki, Rook, and Dragon Midori unblockables- for months.

The nature of low health in FS is part of what makes it so tough. I’ve tried every character. :disappointed:

To me surrivals 20/30/50 feel too same. I feel like they do not desserve to be presented as diferent game modes. But I have not had an idea what could be done about it…

Given what I read in this thread, what could be done is to have, say, three-four surrival modes, all of them infinite length (or sufficienlty long), and rather then differing in length differing in ‘digree of normalness’ of opponents moves. (one mode wirhout boss rush moves, one mode just as it is now, one as it is now in cruel mode,…). Profile page would report simply how far you have got in each. If normal surrival (as it is now) would have, say 100 levels, you could get bronze badge on profile when you clear level 20, replaced with silver when you clear level 30, gold for 50 and diamond for 100, no need for separate modes for it. But that is just an idea i got now, I do not really care as I dont play surrival mode anyway.


I totally agree Survival mode is way too hard right now. I beat the 20 mode by cheesing it with Rook grapples but even that took me awhile. Now if you just care about the Trophies that you get from beating them there is a way to cheese it. Start your Survival challenge and if you ever start losing a fight, have a friend that has the game challenge you and you will accept that challenge. After that “fight”, your survival challenge will continue at the enemy character you left off at with the fight being reset to the start if it. Sometimes the game will even glitch out and reset your health to maximum. That’s how I managed to complete them. But the problem remains that a game mode shouldn’t be so hard that we have to exploit mechanics of the game to beat it.

Some tips:

  • Pick Onimaru and fA at every opportunity - esp. when a new opponent spawns.
  • Reserve the super for getting out of trouble.
  • bA in ”neutral start” vs Lum and Onimaru.
  • bA vs Valerie in neutral.
  • fA -> B -> B vs DeGrey is an easy 6 damage most of the time.
  • From a throw range, Rook seems to regular throw 90% of the time.
  • Air C vs. Argagarg.
  • Geiger hits hard. Air B and don’t let him close.
  • If Midori or Quince gets the super, prepare to die.

To get the 50 I also had to resort to dirty tactics:

  • On low health, pause and wait for an online match to reset to the state before current opponent.