Poison kill + time over

Argargag poison can kill after the time over and make you insta-win the next round

basically this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVq-54KRRy4&feature=youtu.be (note how I only have 2win out of 4 at the beginning)
I was playing arcade as Argargag (really fun character btw) and facing geiger on his stage (he was my 4th opponant) we were both down to 1hp, but he was poisoned, I played extremly defensivly, waiting for the poison to finish him, but the time run out before that, and the poison actually killed him when the voice was saying “Time out!”, we both got a point, but then as soon as the next round started, I immediatly got one more point, the voice said “victory!” and I won before we could even move
I guess this is because the poison killed him after the time out, so it was registered as a knock out for the next round

Steps to reproduce:

  1. put the opponant at 1hp
  2. poison him when the timer is at 6/5 sec

the round will end giving you or both player 1 “victory point” and as soon as the next round start you’ll win

Game Version: V0.12189

System Information:
I don’t think it matter, but if needed I can give them

Confirmed and already fixed in our internal builds, you’ll get the fix in the next patch.

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