Ports to forward for online connection issues: UDP 9991 and 19900

If you have trouble playing online games (you never get QM matches, and friend matches immediately desync on the character select screen), try forwarding the UDP ports 9991 and 19900 in your home router.

Most players should not need to do this, but some routers work differently and will defeat our automatic NAT punch-through code, in which case manually forwarding the ports may work.


Hey @Thelo, is this still true of the Switch version? I’ve got a curious scenario on both a Apple Time Capsule and newly acquired Netgear Orbi.

For both routers, over wifi, I can accept and give friend challenges on Steam (mac), but am unable to do so on my Switch.

This is true both before setting up any port forwarding at all, and after explicitly port forwarding these UDP ports to the Switch’s IP

From my own experience, yes, you do need to forward those ports to the Switch (which meant that I had to un-forward them from my computer).

I’ve just spent the last hour trying to make that happen with no success :frowning:

Matchmaking works just fine, I never had any port forwarding configured for my PC or Mac and they’ve always been able to friend match just fine… I don’t get it