Posting Fantasy Strike Videos on You Tube

Besides art & Discord chats, I also play the game and post videos on my YouTube.
I’m not great (new), and have just 56 subscribers, but a few dedicated people do comment.
And some surprise people that like & comment too.:relieved:

Comment on my Grave Arcade playthrough was the characters look cool, and on the Midori Boss Rush vid: is the game looks fun (NGE Fangirl- 200+ subscribers & DOA player).

Tough to decide on the playlist thumbnail. Went w/Val & a wild Geiger pose. :grinning:


Played offline vs for the first time today. :slight_smile:
Just vs my brother, but he enjoyed.
He’s not one for combos, but has played fighters for decades as well.
Maybe we’re not playing great, ha.

Posted due to a request from a YT supporter for offline vs matches for the game!
Three vids posted for that.