Pressing Super for Player 1 also activates Player 2's Super (v8724)

Title: Pressing Super for Player 1 also activates Player 2’s Super

Summary: In both Training and Local Multiplayer, when I press the button for Player 1’s Super (currently set to Space), Player 2’s Super (currently set to ] so that I won’t press it) also activates simultaneously.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go into Training Mode with any two characters on any stage (I tested with Lum VS Grave, DeGrey VS Grave, and Setsuki VS Rook)
  2. Press the button assigned to Player 1’s Super

Expected Results: Only Player 1 will use their Super.

Actual Results: Both players use their Super at the same time (it seems to be random which one gets shown first).

Notes: No controllers were connected to my computer at the time. This may have something to do with switching the keyboard controls between Player 1 and Player 2. I can only get the game to recognize my controller as Player 1, so I have to switch the keyboard controls to Player 2 when playing with friends and back to Player 1 when by myself (since I don’t always have access to my controller).

Attachments: A screenshot can’t really capture what’s happening, and I doubt my computer would be happy if I tried recording video while the game’s running (it’s barely strong enough for the game alone). Thus, all I can really show is the controls screen so it’s clear that the buttons for Player 1 and Player 2 are different.

Game Version: 8724 (March 2017)

System Information: Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10.

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Could not reproduce, BUT the entire button config on P2 was accidentally broken in v8724, so probably many, many bugs could spring from that. Check Patreon, I posted a newer build there that fixes this problem.

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The update fixed the issue once I reassigned the controls. Thanks!