Question on how rank level works

Hello all.
I was curious on how the rank system is supposed to work. Right now I am Silver ‘E’ and continue to lose matches, a lot, but I am not ranking back down to bronze. Does this sound correct?

I think that’s working as intended? I know you don’t lose stars in bronze league for match losses, so it would make sense that once you hit silver you can’t go back down to bronze, you’ll just bottom out at silver ‘E’ with no stars.

I guess, but I don’t agree. I haven’t won a match in a very long time so wouldn’t it make more sense for me to de-rank to people that share the same skill level as me?

I think the matchmaking looks for people in your rank (silver) plus those above and below you (bronze and gold) so you might get a wide variety skill levels from you opponents. Because players can’t lose stars in bronze, it’ll probably mean there’ll be fewer and fewer bronze opponents as the season progresses, until the ranks get reset at the beginning of the next season.

All I can say is keep at it! I’ve found Fantasy Strike has a pretty friendly community and there’s always someone around willing to offer advice or tips. Maybe try the Discord if you need help with a specific character or match-up.

I think bronze can only be matched with bronze as I have never been matched with a bronze since leaving the rank, but have been matched up to Gold ‘A’ (which I might add is ridiculously uneven).

Yeah, after two days of seemingly non-stop losing I am convinced more than ever that ranking back down to bronze should be an option. I’m not sure how I ranked out in the first place.

One of the reasons you can’t rank down to bronze is because if there aren’t any players in bronze, you’ll be put against a bot. Every I’ve gone up a league there tends to be a spike in the difficulty, and a lot of that is because it exposes you to players that are better than you, but it limits it to ones that you should, in theory, be able to see what you’re doing wrong against.

I didn’t know there were bots in bronze.

The more you know.

After the recent server patch I was getting placed against more silver E and D ranks, but then I was getting matched with higher silver and gold A, again, in the same play session.