Questions about pledging and FIG

Hi everyone, I’ve played the free weekend and enjoyed the game quite a lot and was considering investing, though I have a few questions before doing so:

  1. What happens if Fantasy Strike fails to meet its goal of FIG?

  2. What’s the difference between pledging and investing? I’ve read on FIG a little, but I didn’t understand completely.

  3. If I invest for 69$, Do I only get 2 copies of the early early access or do I get an extra copy of the finished game for a friend too?


1.) You don’t get charge the money you pledge.
2.) Pledging is normal Corwdfunding, Investing (to my knowledge) you don’t get anything outside of money depending on how well the game sells. But if it doesn’t sell a certain amount, you could lose money. There should be a chart per game letting you know how many copies need to be sold for you to break even.
3.) Also to my knowledge, the minimum amount for investing for Fantasy Strike is $250, so I’m assuming you meant to say pledge.
And yes. Though I believe it’s for PC only, PS4 would cost an extra $24. (If I’m reading that correctly)

Hey, thanks for the reply. However in the first question I meant what happens to the game. I mean, the development process seems at the very least half way, so even if the FIG campaign fails I don’t see it being cancelled, so how is it affected by it?

Also I have another minor question: besides the extra 10 characters, if the game does well is there a chance to get tag teams? I’m asking because Yomi was meant for 2v2 battles too.


Well, I just pledged for me & my brother (the $70 tier), I’m sad that unless there’s a miracle 75% of the total in the next week I may not see that pledge fulfilled though.

On a somewhat related note, are Fig backers going to have any input on the feature roadmap / priority, or is that just patreon patrons? My #1 goal is playing w/ steam friends, so me and my brother can scratch a decade-long itch to play fighting games together (we haven’t had a really steady game we both play well since Soul Calibur 2)


Bump because I still don’t understand what would happen to the game if the FIG campaign fails.

It’s likely that he’ll make some announcement after the fig campaign is over, if it fails. Making back-up plans public during the campaign would only further hurt whatever chances the campaign has.


Good point, haven’t thought about that. Guess we’ll wait and see.

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Here’s to hoping the backup plan is: “Go pledge on this other site, same reward tiers, and we won’t have a minimum need to meet, we’ll just have to push back timelines / de-scope features on the ‘full game’ with less funds”

I kinda get the “shoot for the moon” / “conservatively estimate what’s needed” idea behind making a minimum necessary of 500k, but damn man the campaign’s raised 125k-ish? That’s nothing to sneeze at and shows there’s some demand here, it’ll be a shame if those that have pledged can’t get those funds towards the game (and then can’t play this fun game!)

Most of those 125k are investments though, not pledges.

Well hopefully they can still invest, then :confused:

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I don’t think FIG is the problem, in fact it seems like the FIG funds are helping. I just think the game needs to get a bit more exposure. It seems like it’s getting there, with coverage from channels like Core-A gaming and such, unfortunately it probably just came a bit too late. If there was still like a month left on the FIG they might get it, but with only one week it would take a miracle.

IMO, the best thing they can do right now is keep releasing those fighter spotlight videos. They’re really well made and IMO sell the game much better than anything else I’ve seen released for it.


$500k is not “shooting for the moon.” That is the bare minimum needed to continue development with our skeleton crew, cut corners, and somehow make it to the end. That doesn’t include luxuries like hiring an AI programmer. When you factor in taxes, marketing costs, equipment and licenses etc (there are many more costs too), and then trying to pay a team for another 10 months or year or whatever, with some runway to still keep everyone on after shipping…that is quite a low number. The team costs many tens of thousands of dollars every month. Unfortunately, I don’t happen to have several tens of thousands of dollars TIMES 10 or 12 months in my pocket to spend on this. So the $500k number is the honest number below which we cannot confidently say that we can actually afford to release the game.

If we don’t succeed on Fig, but do later ship the game, we certainly wouldn’t do it by me NOT paying $500k. It would just mean we somehow got at least that much money another way. Like…more than 10x the people on our patreon? Or suddenly high sales during steam early access? Or someone giving me a loan? If we just had the money to do this right, I think the game will be pretty successful, but it’s quite a puzzle to get there right now.


What Sirlin said >_>

Since the game has a Patreon, not reaching the goal on Fig doesn’t mean it’ll be a dead game, it’s just going to take muuuuuch longer to develop.

In response to Sirlin though; Of course the game would be successful if you had the money! It’s only a puzzle getting there because yall aren’t advertising it :stuck_out_tongue: I know you don’t have the money to afford traditional advertisements, but what about getting someone like Maximillian Dood to give your game a shout out? Go around to sites like Reddit, alienwarereana and shoryuken to push this game in peoples faces. I mean, I don’t even see any news about Fantasy Strike on Yomi’s Steam page xP

I definitely agree that the game needs more exposure. I really want it, but until a week ago I didn’t even know it existed.

The unfortunate thing is that most ways of getting exposure come with some degree of risk. For example, Sirlin could announce that the game is getting a physical release. This would definitely get more exposure, because there’s a lot of people who are very into physical distribution and the moment any game gets announced for physical it gets their attention. However, this obviously involves some degree of risk since it increases the costs, so it’s only worth it if you bring in more people than it costs you to make the physical version. Similarly, announcing for Switch would have a similar effect where a lot of new people would find out about it, but would it be enough?

There are some methods of relatively free exposure that should probably be explored. For example, hosting a tournament for the game and having it streamed can help get people interested. As far as I can tell, it looks like the EVO minitournament wasn’t streamed? (I looked for it, and only found a couple specific matches). Getting various key youtubers to play and talk about the game probably also helps.

Granted, I’m sure the devs already have something up their sleeves. They’re the ones with all the information about how much various things would cost to do, the rest of us can only speculate.

I don’t think that first risk has any rewards to it. The issue is that hardly anybody knows about this game, so if they announced a physical copy, that would not help with people knowing about this game xP It would just be for those who already know about it.
I don’t think announcing it for the Switch would help, since that would be people expecting a game to buy, not fund. Not to mention Nintendo wouldn’t freely advertise a crowdfunding.

That could work. Had to watch a random person on YouTube for the footage.

I hope so >_> Not streaming that miniEvo was a missed opportunity and they don’t have many days left for backing :stuck_out_tongue:

The fact that the game has a Patreon going on doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll get finished, because the issue is that they’re basically out of money. No matter how slowly you drive your car, you aren’t going to make it from New York to LA on a quarter tank of gas.

It’s pretty clear that they’ve been trying to promote the game as hard as possible, too — they eventually got Maximillian to try it, but when he streamed it he basically made no real attempt to actually learn how the system worked (i.e. they didn’t have any notion that yomi counters exist) and they didn’t even try playing online, so they just sort of wrote it off as being “too simple.” The game had a huge presence at the season premiere of Wednesday Night Fights, too. They’re clearly trying.

I think the bigger issue is that it’s very much a game that you have to play to get it, and a lot of the more mainstream coverage that the game deserved, from non-fighting game players, just passed over it because, at a glance, it looks just like a standard fighting game, with the terrifying up-front learning curve that implies. Arguably, the fact that the game looks and feels pretty much like a genuine any-other-2D-fighting-game has undermined its ability to catch on, especially after people got burned by “simplified” stuff like Rising Thunder (which was basically still SF4)


I don’t know about alienware, but there have been posts by srk and posts on reddit about FS.
Maximillian even played the game on his stream

I suppose? It’s just Patreon is like a never ending crowdfunding, so they only stand to gain from it :stuck_out_tongue:

I did see him play it, but he only posted it on his side-channel, not his main one.
I did notice that they didn’t seem like they were “into” it. I mean judging from their game-play, it looked like they were just pushing buttons and seeing where that took them =/ Like that mini Evo had people more “into” the game and there was pros there!

But I’m a non-fighting game player and this instantly caught my attention O.o If only because they pushed this as a Casual fighting game, which no other fighting game has done (outside Rising Thunder, which I was also very much into!).

Weird…what could be holding it back e.e? I mean that other game on Fig, “Bounty Battle”, got funded with less coverage, less than appealing graphics and (looks like) clunky combat!
Aye, but a one and done stream can only do so much xP I mean it’s great he did it, but he didn’t even post it or has done a video about the game itself on his main channel, where the majority of his audience watches.
I only recently discovered Max playing this game at all when I was giving his side-channel a look over, which I rarely ever do.

Well, the concern is that if the Fig campaign doesn’t hit the $500K goal, they get $0 from it because none of the money would wind up being collected at all in the first place. Much like Kickstarter, it’s very much all-or-nothing. : \

No, yeah, I get that part. I meant the Patreon part. If Fig doesn’t work out, yeah the don’t make any money from that, but they are still getting money through Patreon. A much smaller amount, but still a steady stream flowing.