Quick Match stop searching option

Can we get the option to stop searching for matches after finishing one?

I understand that you have other priorities right now, but it sometimes happen that we find a new match before I holded A long enough to cancel search.


If you click on quickmatch again, it’ll cancel search immediately, I think. Also if you use the mouse during the ‘post-fight XP’ screen, you’ll see a ‘leave’ option in the top right. If you use the mouse on the main screen, you can also click ‘cancel search’ which will be immediate.

You are right. I even knew, just forgot.

Let’s just let this thread die to hide my shame.

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As mysticjuicer said, you can click the “leave” button with the mouse on the post-match score screen (where XP is added up). No match will be found during the countdown on that screen fyi, only after it ends.

In addition, you can leave queue via the “leave game” button that screen’s pause menu. The keyboard esc button and PS4 options button get you to that menu.

And just for completeness, if you wait until after the score screen counts down and want to leave the queue, you can do it by mouse clicking on the “cancel search button” that’s pretty much always on screen, or by holding the equivalent of the PS4 square button on a controller. Also, every pause menu has a purple button added to it that can cancel the search. And if you try to go to Quick Match again, you can cancel it that way too.

I know, I know. I’ll try to think about it a little bit more before making a thread next time, no need to rub it in.