Quince fgC forgets the buffer

Quince fgC forgets the buffered forward input

When you buffer fgC as Quince and release the directional input, game forgets there was a directional input. It’s actually a thing with all directional buffers in the game, but Quince fgC actually results in weird jank when bgC unexpectedly comes out. One is also inclined to release all buttons because gC is so long, and it often but not always cross ups, so one needs to think which way is “back” after the teleport.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter a state during which you can buffer inputs
  2. Buffer fgC
  3. Release both f and C before the buffer ends

Expected Results:
Quince does a fgC

Actual Results:
Quince does a bgC

Again, not really a bug I think, but I don’t remember having such problems before the graphics update, currently I fairly frequently teleport the wrong way which makes me think buffers were different before.

Frame of buffering fgC

On the next frame those were released, result:

Game Version: