Quince illusions stop timer

Title: Quince’s illusions stop the timer

Summary: Quince’s illusion moves stop the timer

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to local multiplayer, or possibly any mode with a 60 second timer active
  2. Select Quince and any other fighter
  3. Preform Quince’s forward A, ground B, air B, ground C, or jump Super moves

Expected Results:
The timer continues on while the moves happen
Actual Results:
The timer freezes while the illusions are visible, allowing you to have matches that go on forever
This also seems to work the same in Two Truth mode, I have attached a picture of myself being at full super with air Super illusions active and the round timer being at 60 seconds, which normally is impossible

Game Version:
v1.18892 (Game got the free to play update today)
System Information: Windows 10 PC, kept up to date with updates, same with Steam

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