Random Geiger Thoughts

Inspired by Sente, I’m exploring Geiger and I’m putting down notes I take here. I’m not promising this is overly good advice.

Much of my advice from Sente is simply reversing the information from his random thought threads to advise what to avoid doing.


A good Geiger player knows not to push back, a great player knows when to push forward.

Highest damage combo I have found is Drop gear – nA – flash gear. Pay close attention to the spacing though, if you are not right against the opponent for the nA you will whif the flash gear, in that case use fA for the extra push

If you knockdown your opponent and land right next to them, you can use drop gear as a cross up.

Cycloid Revolution is a good pressure, but it has slow start up for a super, and has a long recovery, it is best used as a follow up to a knock down.

You are vulnerable to throws after time stop, so don’t use it unless your opponent is in the air, or you are evading an attack that has negative frames.

Vs. Geiger

It’s common for Geiger to start a round with a time spiral, a forward jump kick will beat an opening time spiral.

Vs. Jaina

Patience is the best practice in this battle. You have better zoning ability than Jaina, so frustrate your opponent into attacking you.

If you both have super, if Jaina uses rain of fire, counter with time stop into flash gear.

Vs. Argagarg

Try to keep within poke distance. You don’t have a good counter to godhand, but your poke will beat out his nA/fA.

With proper timing, drop gear can safely hit his nA

While it may be tempting to try to go full screen against Argagarg, don’t, he can out zone you
and a good Arg player won’t let you have a chance to use time stop.

Vs. Setsuki

You can punish kunai with flash gear

use delayed time spirals to control how Setsuki approaches you.

You can hit ninja port after the first hit with flash gear on hit or block.

Vs. Valerie

From Rook Hugger - use delay gear so you can counter her reaction with flash gear. Mind that you are outside her poke range though. If inside poke range use regular gear to beat or trade the poke. If you get a knockdown, delay gear and use bA if you need to get in.

VS. rook,

If Rook uses vines to get through time spiral punish with drop-gear combo

Don’t use drop gear without a good read, or you’ll drop into a command grab

Vs. Midori

If you get a knockdown against dragon midori, use cycloid revolution to buy yourself time.

From Sente – fA is effective against human midori, at the right distance, even if he gets a parry, it will whif and you can punish

Delayed time spirals are effective at either chipping or forcing midori to jump, which can be punished with flash gear

Your basic strategy vs. human midori is to try to catch him between fA and time spiral

Dragon Midori is so big that if he jumps a time spiral, you should almost always be able to catch him with a flash gear

As always, don’t do an empty Cycloid Revolution, Dragon midori can punish with a command grab. At a far distance don’t use it with one health, as dragon midori can trade with his B.

Vs. Lum

Rely on nA over fA, it has priority over Panda Ball

You can get rid of mini-Lums with nA or a well spaced bA, both put you in danger of being punished with Panda Ball

Lum can punish phase out

Vs. DeGrey

From Sente -
DeGrey needs to get in close, they’ll likely use the ghost to stop your ability to zone.

If in close, DeGrey can beat a delayed time spiral with fA for a counter hit.

DeGrey’s fA will beat your fA

DeGrey is especially dangerous to use cycloid revolution against without a knockdown. With super, DeGrey can react with final arbiter for a 3 damage counter, without he can trade for a 2 damage with a tyrant crusher.

From Cwheezy & Sente – Geiger’s Forbidden Tech against DeGrey, do a delayed time spiral, walk forward and do fA to catch the ghost, protecting the gear. If DeGrey reads this he can get a 3 damage combo in. You can counter the combo with a jA. It isn’t a guaranteed hit, but it can give you some offensive choices against a DeGrey with ghost up.


When Geiger uses Cycloid Revolution, he should use it on the way down as close to the ground as he can. This allows him to recover faster and prevents opponents from going under Cycloid.

Vs. Lum
You can also get rid of mini-Lums with jA if done low enough (on the way back down).


After throwing a time spiral, just before it hits the opponent (either cleanly or block), you can start inching your way forward and then follow up the time spiral with fA. You’ll nearly regain your meter if you let go of forward immediately. This allows you to keep up pressure and walk them to the corner.

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