"Random" in the dummy settings menu excludes actions

Title: “Random” in the dummy settings menu excludes actions.

Summary: After selecting “Random” as the option for “Wakeup Action”, “After Blockstun” or “After Hitstun”, the dummy will never perform a throw, a gC or a Super

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go into training mode
  2. Select “Random” as the option for “Wakeup action”, “After Blockstun” or “After Hitstun”
  3. Perform the necessary action for the dummy to react

Expected Results: The dummy will select at random any move

Actual Results: The dummy only selects gB, jump, all three variations of gA or nothing

Notes: None

Attachments: None

Game Version: 1.19100

System Information: Nintendo Switch on the latest system version (10.2.0 at the time of writing this), however I can confirm it repros on PC also.

Yeah I’ve done the same for ~50 times on Block set to random and Wakeup set to random, did not see the C, reversal or throw buttons being used by the bot.

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