Ranked matchmaking and raking system are seriously broken

I am Gold D but since becoming gold I do not think that I have ever been matched with another gold. I have played about 30 ranked games as gold, and all of them, or at least all but one, were against either silvers or diamond. I am not exaggerating. This is a problem because when I get match against silver I almost certainly win and when against diamond I almost certainly lose.

I understand that playerbase is an issue, but this goes to absurd extend, 29 out of 30 ranked games essentially being deiced before they even start is ruining my raked games experience. Rank means nothing to me, any changes to it are absolutely undeserved whether it is up or down, because it depends solely on how much I am being matched against diamonds vs silvers atm. This needs to be fixed.

I think that ranking system is at fault and need to be reworked. In meanwhile, possible games should at least be limited to ± 5 ranks (so Gold D could only be matched with Silver D up to Diamond D, but not Silver E or diamond C). Ranked games should stay fair even at cost of less frequent matches because unbalanced games can always stay in casual queue, where nothing is at stake.

Anyway, could other players (particularly other gold ones) tell me if they have same experience, or if mine is an anomaly?

The system is working correctly. For example, I ranked up on two separate accounts (diamond on one, master on the other) and faced gold league while I was gold league several times on both accounts. If you aren’t getting matches in your league, it’s because players in that league are not online at the same time you are. Keep in mind that normally in ranked modes, you can be matched against pretty much anyone, no matter how good or bad, but we restrict it to just +1/-1 league.

You could try participating in the ranked match evenings, which are Saturday night in the USA. There’s also an EU effort to play ranked that happens Friday night there, which works out to afternoon Fridays in the US.

I understand that it is supposed to happen, but frequency of it happening is way too high. This is multiple days of me playing over the span of multiple weeks, not just one evening when coincidetaly noone gold may have been online.

Reason why i think system being at fault is because I feel like there is not enough gold player. In my friend list, there is 14 gold players and 21 diamond ones. This is of course anecdotical evidence, so i have not mentioned it at first, but becuase of each (gold) tournament generates way more stars then it removes, I feel like gold players who have decent gasp of game will eventualy get out of gold on back of silver players, and that makes gold empty. I am also cravling up this way. three loses to diamond is -3 stars, and three wins over silver is +6.

That is why I think that match restriction should be ± 5 ranks rather then ± 1 league, because it would result in thouger matches every single rank. (ideally along with tournaments star system reworked)

You can check and compare actual numbers of active gold player to active diamond ones. in working system there should obviously be less players every leauge/rank/… It may have been a big coincidence what happened to me, but my math say that gold should be barren in theory (or if there were more leagues, every other league should be barren in theory, because as soon as you are better then people in your league, you will skip next league on thier backs…)

I think I’m ranked wood. The only times I win is when I use DeGrey. The guy makes me look like a freaking superstar in the game. But then I pick someone like Grave or Rook and the other guy just beats me into oblivion. With that said, the only reason I win my ranked matches is if DeGrey goes on last. Otherwise, I might as well just put the controller down. Yes, that’s how bad I am.

I think “broken” is ridiculous hyperbole. It clearly works very well and as long as people play enough, you’ll get a realistic ranking for your skill level. If you always beat Silver but always lose to Diamond, then Gold is correct for you. It just sounds very unfortunate you weren’t in the queue at the right times to face other Gold players.

The “upward trend” in ranking system is a good motivator for people to play more too btw so I don’t totally dislike that. But I do think it maybe slightly too easy to get out of Gold and into lower Diamond (but then it’s easy to get knocked back down too).

I do agree however there is mileage in the “± 5 ranks” idea. As I felt very bad in Diamond A, getting matched with Gold E players.

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