Ranked matchmaking not strict enough


Ranked matchmaking is supposed to be limited to +/- 1 league, but currently ranked is allowed to match all leagues except bronze against each other
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Be a high rank
  2. queue up in ranked
  3. get matched against low ranks

Expected Results:
A master player only gets matched with diamond and master ranked
Actual Results:
Possible to get matched with Silver league players
Bonus bug: I am listed as master rank 0, instead I think I should be rank 1

Game Version:

Confirmed that this is happening. Right now in bronze league, it will not match outside of bronze league which is the expected behavior. But for other players, if it cannot find a match in your league, it then looks for any other non-bronze league opponent, but it’s supposed to only look one league above or below you. It will be fixed in the next patch.