READ BEFORE POSTING: How to give us feedback

Hi everyone! Read this post before creating a new thread, please.

TL;DR: Your feedback helps make Fantasy Strike better. Just try to make an extra effort to give feedback in a clear, specific, and polite way.

  • If you have bugs to report, use the bug report forum.
  • If you have feature requests or new content requests, this is the right place. Your feedback on this will help us know what to prioritize.
  • If you have reports about something you’re frustrated with or experiencing “pain” over, this is the right place, and it’s important to share this information with us, but it can so easily go wrong that we beg you to consider the following guidelines.

“Pain reports” are tricky to write because they’re about things that make you frustrated and upset, and it can be tempting to throw in a bunch of snark and scorn in order to communicate just how frustrated you are. We really do want to know if something went wrong for you but being mean in your post will not make us more likely to listen to or agree with you. It’s more likely to be counter-productive.

In general, you can expect that we take all feedback seriously, and it’s more helpful to us if you are plainly describing what you’re feeling and why (“I’m frustrated playing Grave against Jaina because XYZ”) than if you call our whole dev team idiots for not fixing what you think is an unwinnable matchup. Think of it this way: Angry, mean feedback is harder for us to act on because it’s harder to tell if the problem is actually a big deal, or if the writer is just an angry mean jerk. Instead, we ask that you try to keep it level-headed. Tell us when something pisses you off without being insulting, and we’ll take you at your word.

We’d like to create a culture here that respects those boundaries too. We want to know about the things we can improve, but because we’re only human, if we have to deal with being called idiots and snarked at all the time, it’s a disincentive for us to actually read the feedback. We WANT to read it though, and if you help make this a place devs actually enjoy being, then it will be easier for us all to work together to improve the game over time.